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Mindfulness Programs
Higher Education

Through her training at UCLA, Megan has had the opportunity to work with university students in a variety of capacities.  She has trained in the MAPS program developed by UCLA and has also created her own curricula for secondary education based on her many years of teaching.   Megan works with each institution to better understand their needs in order to implement the most supportive programming for their students.  Megan is well-versed in current neuroscience that underpins the efficacy of secular mindfulness practices. 

Curricula focuses on:

  • Mindful breathing, mindful of the body, self-regulation

  • Working with strong emotions

  • Working with anxiety and stress

  • Working with the thinking mind

  • Cultivating joy, equanimity, compassion, gratitude, and resilience

  • Tools for establishing and maintaining a practice

  • Bringing mindfulness and wisdom to interpersonal relationships and challenges

  • Mindfulness and the brain, understanding current neuroscience

  • Seeding self-compassion - considering self-compassion vs. self-esteem

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