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Coaching 1:1
Children and Young Adults

Many children and young adults struggle with self-regulation, self-compassion, anxiety, and compulsion.  Mindfulness practices can support a student at critical junctures in their growth and development. Individual work with clients allows Megan to work on a more personal level.  This work is highly individualized and tailored to each student.  Please reach out to Megan for more information.

Sessions can focus on:

  • Working with strong emotions

  • Working with stress and anxiety

  • Growing kindness, gratitude, generosity

  • Mindful test taking

  • Mindfulness and performance: sports, dance, music

  • Mindfulness and creativity

  • Relational mindfulness, how to bring mindfulness to relationship

  • Core mindfulness techniques: working with breathing, listening, labeling thoughts

  • Mindfulness and the brain: getting smarter about how mindfulness can affect the brain

  • Understanding the brain: amygdala, prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, default mode network, etc

  • Equanimity: staying balanced during the ups and downs of life

Coaching 1:1

Megan mentors adults as a mindfulness coach. She helps clients create practices that facilitate insights, support motivation, and foster resilience.  In her approach to coaching Megan also emphasizes staying connected to joy, self-compassion, and wonder.  This work is highly personal and is tailored to individual clients and their goals. Please reach out for a consultation.

Some possible focuses of 1:1 Coaching:

  • Working with strong emotions

  • Working with anxiety and stress

  • Support in establishing and maintaining a mindfulness/yoga/spiritual practice

  • Bringing mindfulness and wisdom to interpersonal relationships and challenges

  • Mentoring through a life transition

  • More fully actualizing the life you wish to be living

  • Learning to listen more deeply to your intuition

  • Mindfulness and creativity

  • Working with grief and loss

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