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School Programs

Megan has taught hundreds of school children mindfulness (K-12).  She is nationally certified to teach the Mindful Schools curriculum and has created her own curricula through many years of teaching.  

Some commonly asked questions:

Why does mindfulness matter?:

With the advent of the pandemic and other global and national challenges, mindfulness is uniquely poised to support students in a myriad of ways, seeding lifelong coping skills and emotional intelligence that will support them in and beyond the classroom.

How long are residencies?:

School residencies vary in length.  Often schools start with a ten week or eight week pilot program across one or multiple grade levels. 


How long are mindfulness classes?:

Lessons are intentionally designed to be concise at fifteen minutes, so as to not disrupt the school day and flow.  

Residencies can be offered in conjunction with teacher professional development and/or parent sessions to support the learning the whole school community.

Curriculum includes:

  • Mindful breathing

  • Mindful listening

  • Mindful test taking

  • Gratitude

  • Generosity

  • Working with strong emotions

  • Compassion/Kindness

  • Self-compassion vs. self-esteem

  • Mindfulness and the brain:

    • amygdala, prefrontal cortex, hippocampus

    • Brain hack

    • The default mode network

    • Neural quickening and pruning

  • Mindful Conversations: how to listen better and also communicate better

  • Equanimity: staying balanced during the ups and downs of life

  • Mindful of Tech - dealing with tech boundaries and addiction

    • Call upon the work of the "Center for Humane Technology"​

  • Mindset, the power of changing and working with mindset - rooted in current neuroscience​

  • Working with boredom and/or distraction

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