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369 Manifestation Technique

How is your life unfolding? Are there visions you have for yourself that are as of yet unfulfilled? Are you in the middle of a life transition? Are you curious about the mind/life connection? Do we really “with our thoughts make the world” to paraphrase the Buddha? Maybe, like me, you’ve always been a little suspicious of “manifestation” and manifesting techniques. Is it a little too “new agey” or does it seem to victim blame anyone who’s life isn’t unfolding perfectly (which probably describes all of us)? After all, it doesn’t take long to notice that, even with the best intentions, life don’t always go the way we planned. There are so many twists and turns, curveballs and reckonings.

And yet, there is ancient wisdom, current neuroscience, and the scientific method to consider. Evidence supports the fact that what we believe and what we repeat (practice) profoundly affects our outcomes in life. If life, in the end, is a grand experiment, as I’ve come to think of it, what is the harm in testing theories and employing the aforementioned scientific method and see what outcomes can be achieved.

Neuroscientists sometimes use the term “brain hack.” If what we do constantly wires and rewires our brain, doesn’t it make sense to be intentional in what we are doing in order to optimally wire the brain? By being intentional around what we are doing and what we are repeating we can hack (change or alter in a clever way) the world’s greatest supercomputer: the gray matter between our ears.

MORE coming soon...

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