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Megan Hook

Mindfulness educator and coach


K-12 School Programs

Megan has taught hundreds of school children mindfulness, K-12.  She is passionate about sharing techniques with students to support and empower their growth, learning, and flourishing. 

Megan has extensive experience running a variety of programing in schools from pilot programs, to multigrade level implementation, to school-wide rollouts, and district-wide programming. 


Professional Development Trainings

Megan has taught mindfulness to teachers, administrators, and parents through an array of mindfulness workshops and series that she has created.


  Megan has also partnered with businesses and diverse organizations to bring mindfulness into the workplace and professional realm.


1:1 Mindfulness Coaching K-12 Students and Adults

Working with clients 1 to 1 allows Megan to tailor a curriculum to the individual and their circumstances. Megan works at the client's pace on the issues that they identify as meaningful and helpful.  1 to 1 session include a wide range of modalities contained within the realm of mindfulness.


Mindfulness Programs for Higher Education

Megan loves working with college age students to support their transition to higher education and to mentor their growth in a myriad of ways.


All learning is tailored to the individual or group.  Megan uses an eclectic mix of mindfulness techniques, helping clients to establish and maintain both formal and informal mindfulness practices.  Practices extend beyond focusing and include gratitude, self-compassion, learning about the brain, and delving deeply into the complexity and wonder of being alive.


I have been practicing mindfulness, meditation, and yoga for over 25 years.  My teaching, facilitation, and coaching leans heavily upon my own practice, study, and many years of experience as a professional educator.

Helping with:

Mindfulness addresses so many challenges we face in our modern world.  How do we balance our time, hone the ability to focus, nurture joy, and build resilience in the face of difficulty?  Mindfulness can help with all of this and more.  Current neuroscience underpins the rise of secular mindfulness as a modality uniquely poised to support actualizing a deeply meaningful life.




Brain Hack: working with the brain


Strong Emotions




Joy, Gratitude and Awe

Megan is a deeply compassionate mindfulness teacher who teaches from her own experiences of the practices.  She is dedicated and consistent and cares deeply about her students. Collaborating with Megan to bring mindfulness to multiple schools was extremely rewarding and heart opening. Each student had the opportunity to submit written feedback about the mindfulness program and the results were very positive for both the students and the teachers.

Shauna Z, Los Angeles, CA

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